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......@@ -2,6 +2,47 @@ FUNPACK changelog
1.3.0 (Wednesday 29th May 2019)
* New :func:`.codeToNumeric` cleaning function, for transforming hierarhical
variable codes.
* New :func:`.hierarchy.codeToNumeric` and
:func:`.hierarchy.numericToCode` functions.
* Built-in cleaning and processing rules are no longer applied by default -
they are now a part of the built-in ``fmrib`` configuration, and can be
applied via ``-cfg fmrib``.
* Updates to built-in ``fmrib`` processing.
* The ``flattenHierarchical`` processing function accepts a ``name`` argument,
allowing the hierarchical data type name to be specified. If not provided,
the type is inferred from the variable ID if possible.
* The :func:`.convertICD10Codes` cleaning function has been replaced by
the new :func:`.codeToNumeric` function, which can be used with any
hierarchical variable.
* The :func:`.icd10.codeToNumeric` and :func:`.icd10.numericToCode` functions
have been replaced by the :func:`.hierarchy.codeToNumeric` and
:func:`.hierarchy.numericToCode` functions.
* The :func:`.loadDefaultTables` function is obsolete and has been deprecated.
1.2.1 (Tuesday 28th May 2019)
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