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DOC: notes on separate config project, preliminary changelog

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......@@ -2,6 +2,40 @@ FUNPACK release history
3.3.0 (Thursday 23rd June 2022)
* New ``--add_aux_vars`` option, which causes all auxillary data-fields
specified in the processing rules to be selected for import, if present
in the data, and not already selected. This option is enabled in the
``fmrib`` configuration profile.
* The ``fmrib`` configuration profile has been removed from FUNPACK, and is
now being released independently as a dependency of FUNPACK (see However, it will be
installed automatically alongside FUNPACK, so from an end-user's
perspective, this change will have no effect on usage.
* The use of ``broadcast_`` arguments with processing functions have been
deprecated, and will be removed in FUNPACK 4.0.0. The alternative to
broadcast arguments is for processing functions to perform their own
parallelisation internally.
3.2.3 (Wednesday 1st June 2022)
......@@ -162,6 +162,13 @@ variable and datacoding files, and merge them into a single table which
contains the cleaning rules for each variable.
.. note:: The ``fmrib`` configuration profile is managed and released
separately from FUNPACK at However, it is
automatically installed alongside FUNPACK, so if you have FUNPACK,
you can use the ``fmrib`` profile.
Creating your own rule files
......@@ -14,12 +14,17 @@ rules can be applied by running::
The ``fmrib`` configuration profile is installed alongside the FUNPACK source
code - it can be viewed online `here
<>`_, or
found in your local FUNPACK installation within
or found in your local FUNPACK installation within
``<python-env>/lib/python<X.Y>/site-packages/funpack/configs/`` (replacing
``<python-env>`` with the location of your Python environment, and ``<X.Y>``
with the Python version).
.. note:: The ``fmrib`` configuration profile is managed independently from
the FUNPACK source code at, but is always
installed alongside FUNPACK.
The ``fmrib`` configuration profile is split across several files, each of
which are described below. Click on the arrow to the left of each section to
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