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0.16.0 (Friday 22nd March 2019)
* Full variable and datacoding table files no longer need to be provided -
``ukbparse`` uses ``ukbparse/data/field.txt`` and
``ukbparse/data/encoding.txt`` files, obtained from the UK Biobank showcase
website, as the basis for recognising variables and data codings. The
``--variable_file``/``-vf`` and ``--datacoding_file``/``-df`` options now
accept partial table definitions - these will be merged with the built-in
rules (still stored in ``ukbparse/data/variables_*.tsv`` and
``ukbparse/data/datacodings_*.tsv``) when ``ukbparse`` is invoked.
* The ``ukbparse_htmlparse``, ``ukbparse_join`` , and
``ukbparse_compare_tables`` commands.
0.15.1 (Thursday 21st March 2019)
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