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...@@ -2,8 +2,44 @@ FUNPACK changelog ...@@ -2,8 +2,44 @@ FUNPACK changelog
================= =================
1.4.5 (Thursday 5th December) 1.5.0 (Under development)
----------------------------- -------------------------
* New :func:`.util.countRows` function to count the rows (lines) of a file;
this is simply a wrapper around the UNIX ``wc`` tool.
* New :meth:`.DataTable.subtable` and :meth:`.DataTable.merge` methods, to aid
in passing data to/from worker processes.
* Processing functions can now be specified to run independently on a subset
of variables by using ``'independent'`` in the variable list.
* FUNPACK will now parallelise tasks by default; previously it would only
parallelise tasks if ``--low_memory`` mode were selected. Data import, cleaning
functions, processing functions, and the ``removeIfRedundant`` process all
parallelise their work.
* The ``--variable``, ``--subject`` and ``--exclude`` options now accept
comma-separated mixtures of IDs and MATLAB-style ranges.
* The ``--low_memory`` and ``--work_dir`` options have been deprecated, and no
longer have any effect.
1.4.5 (Thursday 5th December 2019)
Changed Changed
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