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config annex.largefiles=nothing
metadata/aggregate* annex.largefiles=nothing
metadata/objects/** annex.largefiles=(largerthan=20kb)
[datalad "dataset"]
id = e3cbee14-ddea-11e9-94b5-5ac34bf69951
* annex.backend=MD5E
**/.git* annex.largefiles=nothing
*.tsv annex.largefiles=nothing
*.json annex.largefiles=nothing
*.bvec annex.largefiles=nothing
*.bval annex.largefiles=nothing
README annex.largefiles=nothing
CHANGES annex.largefiles=nothing
.bidsignore annex.largefiles=nothing
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<project version="4">
<component name="ProjectRootManager" version="2" project-jdk-name="Python 3.7 (openneuropy)" project-jdk-type="Python SDK" />
\ No newline at end of file
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<project version="4">
<component name="ProjectModuleManager">
<module fileurl="file://$PROJECT_DIR$/.idea/openneuropy.iml" filepath="$PROJECT_DIR$/.idea/openneuropy.iml" />
\ No newline at end of file
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<module type="PYTHON_MODULE" version="4">
<component name="NewModuleRootManager">
<content url="file://$MODULE_DIR$" />
<orderEntry type="jdk" jdkName="Python 3.7 (openneuropy)" jdkType="Python SDK" />
<orderEntry type="sourceFolder" forTests="false" />
<component name="TestRunnerService">
<option name="PROJECT_TEST_RUNNER" value="Unittests" />
\ No newline at end of file
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<project version="4">
<component name="ChangeListManager">
<list default="true" id="505e8cbc-c701-474d-a352-15eeb590dba7" name="Default Changelist" comment="" />
<option name="EXCLUDED_CONVERTED_TO_IGNORED" value="true" />
<option name="SHOW_DIALOG" value="false" />
<option name="HIGHLIGHT_CONFLICTS" value="true" />
<option name="HIGHLIGHT_NON_ACTIVE_CHANGELIST" value="false" />
<option name="LAST_RESOLUTION" value="IGNORE" />
<component name="FileEditorManager">
<file pinned="false" current-in-tab="true">
<entry file="file://$PROJECT_DIR$/">
<provider selected="true" editor-type-id="text-editor">
<state relative-caret-position="240">
<caret line="10" selection-start-line="10" selection-end-line="10" />
<component name="IdeDocumentHistory">
<option name="CHANGED_PATHS">
<option value="$PROJECT_DIR$/" />
<component name="ProjectFrameBounds">
<option name="y" value="23" />
<option name="width" value="1680" />
<option name="height" value="1027" />
<component name="ProjectView">
<navigator proportions="" version="1">
<foldersAlwaysOnTop value="true" />
<pane id="ProjectPane">
<item name="openneuropy" type="b2602c69:ProjectViewProjectNode" />
<item name="openneuropy" type="462c0819:PsiDirectoryNode" />
<select />
<pane id="NBKnowledgePane" />
<pane id="Scope" />
<component name="PropertiesComponent">
<property name="settings.editor.selected.configurable" value="com.jetbrains.python.configuration.PyActiveSdkModuleConfigurable" />
<component name="RunDashboard">
<option name="ruleStates">
<option name="name" value="ConfigurationTypeDashboardGroupingRule" />
<option name="name" value="StatusDashboardGroupingRule" />
<component name="SvnConfiguration">
<configuration />
<component name="TaskManager">
<task active="true" id="Default" summary="Default task">
<changelist id="505e8cbc-c701-474d-a352-15eeb590dba7" name="Default Changelist" comment="" />
<option name="number" value="Default" />
<option name="presentableId" value="Default" />
<servers />
<component name="ToolWindowManager">
<frame x="0" y="23" width="1680" height="1027" extended-state="0" />
<editor active="true" />
<window_info content_ui="combo" id="Project" order="0" visible="true" weight="0.24954791" />
<window_info id="Structure" order="1" side_tool="true" weight="0.25" />
<window_info id="Favorites" order="2" side_tool="true" />
<window_info anchor="bottom" id="Message" order="0" />
<window_info anchor="bottom" id="Find" order="1" />
<window_info anchor="bottom" id="Run" order="2" />
<window_info anchor="bottom" id="Debug" order="3" weight="0.4" />
<window_info anchor="bottom" id="Cvs" order="4" weight="0.25" />
<window_info anchor="bottom" id="Inspection" order="5" weight="0.4" />
<window_info anchor="bottom" id="TODO" order="6" />
<window_info anchor="bottom" id="Docker" order="7" show_stripe_button="false" />
<window_info anchor="bottom" id="Version Control" order="8" />
<window_info anchor="bottom" id="Event Log" order="9" side_tool="true" />
<window_info active="true" anchor="bottom" id="Terminal" order="10" visible="true" weight="0.3297062" />
<window_info anchor="bottom" id="Python Console" order="11" />
<window_info anchor="right" id="Commander" internal_type="SLIDING" order="0" type="SLIDING" weight="0.4" />
<window_info anchor="right" id="Ant Build" order="1" weight="0.25" />
<window_info anchor="right" content_ui="combo" id="Hierarchy" order="2" weight="0.25" />
<component name="editorHistoryManager">
<entry file="file://$PROJECT_DIR$/">
<provider selected="true" editor-type-id="text-editor">
<state relative-caret-position="240">
<caret line="10" selection-start-line="10" selection-end-line="10" />
\ No newline at end of file
#!/usr/bin/env python
# or ^ fslpython
import argparse
import os
from sys import exit
from subprocess import run
pwd = os.getcwd
# describe the commandline tool
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(
description="download a dataset from"
# id must be a string and is not optional
help="a dataset ID. provides these in the form of ds###### (e.g. ds002190)"
# savepath must be a string and is optional. the default is the current working dir
help="the output directory where you would like to download the dataset (default is the current working directory + the dataset id)",
if __name__ == "__main__":
args = parser.parse_args()
savepath = os.path.join(
if os.path.exists(savepath):
print("ERROR: savepath {} already exists, not overwriting.".format(savepath))
if[:2] != "ds":
print("ERROR: a dataset id must start with 'ds'. Please check your dataset id")
# use to call the aws command to sync from the aws bucket (download the dataset)
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