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`bokeh` has excellent documentation:
This notebook is not intended to instruct you how to use `bokeh`. Instead it pulls together interesting examples from the `bokeh` documentation into a single notebook to give you a taster of what can be done with `bokeh`.
## Install `bokeh`
`bokeh` is not installed in the `fslpython` environment so you will need to install it to run this notebook. In a terminal run the following command (you will need admin privileges):
sudo $FSLDIR/fslpython/bin/conda install -c conda-forge -n fslpython bokeh
Setup bokeh to work in this notebook:
%% Cell type:code id: tags:
``` python
from bokeh.plotting import figure, output_file, show
from import output_notebook
%% Cell type:markdown id: tags:
Fetch some sampledata for the examples:
%% Cell type:code id: tags:
``` python
from bokeh import sampledata
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