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pacman speed

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......@@ -199,7 +199,7 @@ done
Run the command above (after suitable changes - or you can copy my [version](data/cmd.txt)) and then run the below to produce the GIF:
convert -delay .2 `ls $outputfolder/grot_???.png` `ls -r $outputfolder/grot_???.png` -loop 0 $outputfolder/pacman.gif
convert -delay 1x30 `ls $outputfolder/grot_???.png` `ls -r $outputfolder/grot_???.png` -loop 0 $outputfolder/pacman.gif
Notice we are using the PNGs twice, once for opening the mouth, and once for closing it, where the files are read in reverse order (`ls -r`).
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