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# Matlab vs. Python
This directory contains 5 demonstrations, each of which uses python and Matlab to solve the same problem:
1. `bloch` - TBD
2. `fitting` - an example of using the Scipy package for fitting a biophysical model to noisy data
3. `migp` - an example of MIGP dimension reduction prior to group ICA on fMRI data
4. `partial_fourier` - TBD
5. `rbf` - simple example of fitting/interpolating noisy simulated data using radial basis functions
Each demonstration contain both `Matlab` and `python` code examples so you can compare the implementations.
## Required software
### FSL
The python code is contained in jupyter notebooks which can be run in the `fslpython` environment (requires `FSL`) using:
fslpython -m notebook
### Matlab
A `matlab` installation is required to run the Matlab examples.
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