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......@@ -160,8 +160,31 @@ Now run the above, then run the below to make the final GIF:
convert -delay 1 my_folder/image_annot_???.png -loop 0 my_annotated_movie.gif
> Note: FSLeyes has/will soon have the option of adding annotations (text, arrows, boxes, etc.), so you don't need to use ImageMagick to add them
> Exercise: Create a similar movie which scrolls through every 6th Sagittal slice
### Rotating head through the GUI
You can of course also create an animateed GIF directly through the GUI without the FOR look in bash and ImageMagick. Here is an example of how to create a rotating head:
Open FSLeyes with a standard brain in 3D mode:
fsleyes --scene 3d -std1mm &
Then follow the below steps:
- Change the colourmap to "Cool"
- In the display settings (cogwheel) increase Blending to 0.5 and number of samples to 260
- Change minimum display range to 5000
- In the view settings (spanner) toggle "Movie mode"
- Change movie axis to Z
- Decrease Movie update rate to the minimum
- Then save the GIF through Settings->3D view->Save animated GIF
Et voilà! You should be able to see something like [this](data/rotating_head.gif)
### Scalped pacman
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