Commit d296f663 authored by Shaun Warrington's avatar Shaun Warrington
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Changed order of fsl_sub -T and -q args to overcome fsl_sub queue selection issue

parent 92d19c0f
......@@ -338,9 +338,9 @@ chmod +x $commands
if [ "x$SGE_ROOT" != "x" ]; then # Submit all commands to run in parallel on the cluster
# One job per tract for a CPU cluster, one job for all tracts for a GPU cluster.
if [ $gpu -eq 0 ];then
fsl_sub -q long.q -T 2160 -l $out/logs -N xtract -t $commands
fsl_sub -T 2160 -q long.q -l $out/logs -N xtract -t $commands
fsl_sub -q $FSLGECUDAQ -T 300 -l $out/logs -N xtract $commands
fsl_sub -T 300 -q $FSLGECUDAQ -l $out/logs -N xtract $commands
else # If no SGE, run locally
sh $commands
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