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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Author: Christoph Arthofer
# Copyright: FMRIB 2021
import nibabel as nib
import numpy as np
import pandas as pd
id_paths = ['IDs.txt']
label_path_temp = "/path/to/labels/OB_labels_to_%s.nii.gz"
vols = []
ids = []
tbvs = []
for id_path in id_paths:
df_ids = pd.read_csv(id_path, header=None, names=['subject_ID'], dtype={'subject_ID':str})
ls_ids = df_ids['subject_ID'].tolist()
for id in ls_ids:
img_path = label_path_temp % id
label_nib = nib.load(img_path)
header = label_nib.header
label_arr = label_nib.get_fdata()
mask_count = np.sum(label_arr)
vol = mask_count *['pixdim'][1:4])
print('id:', id, ' pixdim:', header['pixdim'], ' volume:', vol)
ob_vols = {'vol':vols}
df = pd.DataFrame(data=ob_vols,index=ids)
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