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Update rm_raincloud.m

parent 8049eebd
%% Raincloud lineplot for repeated-measures data
% it might be that 'patch' is a much better plotting function to plot the
% densities than 'area'; it seems to handle over-plotting of different
% areas with different zero lines very well. This would avoid the horrible
% gymnastics that the repeated measures raincloudplot currently has to deal
% with.
% This is a work-in-progress example inspired by this post on Matlab
% answers
% Use like: h = rm_raincloud(data, colours)
% Use like: h = rm_raincloud(data, colours, plot_top_to_bottom, density_type, bandwidth)
% Where 'data' is an M x N cell array of N data series and M measurements
% And 'colours' is an N x 3 array defining the colour to plot each data series
% h is a cell array containing handles of the various figure parts
% plot_top_to_bottom: Default plots left-to-right, set to 1 to rotate.
% density_type: 'ks' (default) or 'RASH'. 'ks' uses matlab's inbuilt 'ksdensity' to
% determine the shape of the rainclouds. 'RASH' will use the 'rst_RASH'
% method from Cyril Pernet's Robust Stats toolbox, if that function is on
% your matlab path.
% bandwidth: If density_type == 'ks', determines bandwidth of density estimate
% h is a cell array containing handles of the various figure parts:
% h.p{i,j} is the handle to the density plot from data{i,j}
% h.s{i,j} is the handle to the 'raindrops' (individual datapoints) from data{i,j}
% h.m(i,j) is the handle to the single, large dot that represents mean(data{i,j})
% h.l(i,j) is the handle for the line connecting h.m(i,j) and h.m(i+1,j)
%% TO-DO:
% Patch can create colour gradients using the 'interp' option to 'FaceColor'. Allow this?
......@@ -51,6 +51,9 @@ for i = 1:nper
case 'ks'
[ks{i,j}, x{i,j}] = ksdensity(data{i,j}, 'NumPoints', nbins(i,j), 'bandwidth', bandwidth);
case 'rash'
% check for rst_RASH function (from Robust stats toolbox) in path, fail if not found
assert(exist('rst_RASH','file') == 2, 'Could not compute density using RASH method. Do you have the Robust Stats toolbox on your path?');
[x{i,j}, ks{i,j}] = rst_RASH(data{i,j});
% override default 'nbins' as rst_RASH determines number of bins
nbins(i,j) = size(ks{i,j},2);
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