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This repository contains Jupyter notebooks and data for the 2018 WIN PyTreat.
The master repository can be found at:
The upstream repository can be found at:
To contribute to the practicals:
1. Fork the master repository on gitlab
1. Fork the upstream repository on gitlab
2. Make your changes on your fork
2. Make a local clone of your fork:
3. Submit a merge request back to the master repository
git clone<username>/pytreat-2018-practicals
3. Add the upstream repository as a remote:
git remote add upstream
4. Make your changes on your local repository
5. Rebase onto the upstream repository, and push your changes to your fork:
git fetch --all
git rebase upstream/master
git push --force origin master
6. In gitlab, submit a merge request from your fork back to the upstream
To run these notebooks in the `fslpython` environment, you must first install
source $FSLDIR/fslpython/bin/activate fslpython
conda install jupyter
......@@ -33,10 +54,15 @@ ln -s $FSLDIR/fslpython/envs/fslpython/bin/notedown $FSLDIR/bin/fslnotedown
> [`notedown`]( is a handy tool which allows
> you to convert a markdownd (`.md`) file to a Jupyter notebook (`.ipynb`)
> you to convert a markdown (`.md`) file to a Jupyter notebook (`.ipynb`)
> file. So you can write your practical in your text editor of choice, and
> then convert it into a notebook, instead of writing the practical in the web
> browser interface.
> browser interface. If you install notedown as suggested in the code block
> above, you can run it on a markdown file like so:
> ```
> notedown > my_notebook.ipynb
> ```
Now you can start the notebook server from the repository root:
Supports Markdown
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