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......@@ -28,8 +28,8 @@ These notebooks can be run in the `fslpython` environment using:
git clone
cd pytreat-2018-practicals
git clone
cd pytreat-practicals-2020
fslpython -m notebook
......@@ -52,41 +52,68 @@ Have fun!
## For contributors
The upstream repository can be found at:
The main repository can be found at:
To contribute to the practicals:
Updates to the master branch should occur via merge requests. You can choose
to either work on a fork of this repository, or on a branch in this
repository. To contribute to the practicals using a fork:
1. Fork the upstream repository on gitlab
2. Make a local clone of your fork:
git clone<username>/pytreat-2018-practicals
git clone<username>/pytreat-practicals-2020
3. Add the upstream repository as a remote:
git remote add upstream
git remote add upstream
4. Make your changes on your local repository
5. Rebase onto the upstream repository, and push your changes to your fork:
5. Push your changes to your fork:
git fetch --all
git rebase upstream/master
git push --force origin master
git push origin master
6. In gitlab, submit a merge request from your fork back to the upstream
Or, to contribute via a branch:
1. Make a local clone of the repository:
git clone
2. Create a branch for your work:
git checkout -b my_cool_branch origin/master
3. Make your changes on this branch.
4. Push your changes to the gitlab repository:
git push origin my_cool_branch
5. In gitlab, submit a merge request from your branch onto the master
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