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......@@ -17,13 +17,53 @@ programming library written in Python. It is used by `FSLeyes
Install ``fslpy`` and its core dependencies via pip::
pip install fslpy
All of the dependencies of ``fslpy`` are listed in the `requirements.txt
<requirements.txt>`_ file. Some ``fslpy`` modules require `wxPython
<>`_ or higher.
All of the core dependencies of ``fslpy`` are listed in the `requirements.txt
<requirements.txt>`_ file.
Some extra dependencies are listed in `requirements.txt
<requirements-extra.txt>`_ which provide addditional functionality:
- ``wxPython``: The `fsl.utils.idle <fsl/utils/>`_ module has
functionality to schedule functions on the ``wx`` idle loop.
- ``indexed_gzip``: The ` <fsl/data/>`_ class
can use ``indexed_gzip`` to keep large compressed images on disk instead
of decompressing and loading them into memory..
- ``trimesh``/``rtree``: The ` <fsl/data/>`_
class has some methods which use ``trimesh`` to perform geometric queries
on the mesh.
To install these additional dependencies, you first need to install wxPython,
which is still in pre-relaes.
- **macOS**: ``pip install --pre wxPython``
- **Linux** (change the URL for your specific platform): ``pip install --only-binary wxpython -f wxpython``
The ``rtree`` library also assumes that ``libspatialindex`` is installed on
your system.
Once wxPython has been installed, you can simply type the following to install
the rest of the extra dependencies::
pip install fslpy[extras]
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