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Added ALLOWED_EXTENSIONS back to - no way to have a

deprecation warning on access though.
parent ce312df9
......@@ -698,7 +698,7 @@ def needsFixing(vertices, indices, fnormals, loBounds, hiBounds):
class TriangleMesh(Mesh):
"""Deprecated - use :class:``, or one 'of its sub-classes
"""Deprecated - use :class:``, or one of its sub-classes
......@@ -783,3 +783,13 @@ def findReferenceImage(*args, **kwargs):
"""Deprecated - use :func:`` instead. """
import as fslvtk
return fslvtk.findReferenceImage(*args, **kwargs)
"""Deprecated, will be removed in fslpy 2.0.0. Use
:attr:`` instead."""
EXTENSION_DESCRIPTIONS = ['VTK polygon model file']
"""Deprecated, will be removed in fslpy 2.0.0. Use
:attr:`` instead."""
......@@ -7,6 +7,15 @@
"""This module provides the :class:`VTKMesh` class, for loading triangle
meshes from VTK files.
A handful of convenience functions are also in this module:
.. autosummary::
.. note:: I/O support is very limited - currently, the only supported file
type is the VTK legacy file format, containing the ``POLYDATA``
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