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MNT: idle uses its own [can]havegui implementations

parent e465d22a
......@@ -90,6 +90,34 @@ log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
class IdleTask(object):
def _canHaveGui():
"""Return ``True`` if wxPython is installed, and a display is available,
``False`` otherwise.
# Determine if a display is available. We do
# this once at init (instead of on-demand in
# the canHaveGui method) because calling the
# IsDisplayAvailable function will cause the
# application to steal focus under OSX!
import wx
return wx.App.IsDisplayAvailable()
except ImportError:
return False
def _haveGui():
"""Return ``True`` if wxPython is installed, a display is available, and
a ``wx.App`` exists, ``False`` otherwise.
import wx
return _canHaveGui() and (wx.GetApp() is not None)
except ImportError:
return False
"""Container object used by the :class:`IdleLoop` class.
Used to encapsulate information about a queued task.
......@@ -370,8 +398,6 @@ class IdleLoop(object):
``timeout``, or ``alwaysQueue``.
from fsl.utils.platform import platform as fslplatform
schedtime = time.time()
timeout = kwargs.pop('timeout', 0)
after = kwargs.pop('after', 0)
......@@ -380,18 +406,15 @@ class IdleLoop(object):
skipIfQueued = kwargs.pop('skipIfQueued', False)
alwaysQueue = kwargs.pop('alwaysQueue', False)
canHaveGui = fslplatform.canHaveGui
haveGui = fslplatform.haveGui
# If there is no possibility of a
# gui being available in the future
# (determined by canHaveGui), then
# (determined by _canHaveGui), then
# alwaysQueue is ignored.
alwaysQueue = alwaysQueue and canHaveGui
alwaysQueue = alwaysQueue and _canHaveGui()
# We don't have wx - run the task
# directly/synchronously.
if self.__neverQueue or not (haveGui or alwaysQueue):
if self.__neverQueue or not (_haveGui() or alwaysQueue):
log.debug('Running idle task directly')
task(*args, **kwargs)
......@@ -611,11 +634,13 @@ def block(secs, delta=0.01, until=None):
determins when calls to ``block`` will return.
havewx = _haveGui()
def defaultUntil():
return False
def tick():
if fslplatform.haveGui:
if havewx:
import wx
......@@ -623,8 +648,6 @@ def block(secs, delta=0.01, until=None):
if until is None:
until = defaultUntil
from fsl.utils.platform import platform as fslplatform
start = time.time()
while (time.time() - start) < secs:
......@@ -653,12 +676,11 @@ def run(task, onFinish=None, onError=None, name=None):
the return value will be ``None``.
from fsl.utils.platform import platform as fslplatform
if name is None:
name = getattr(task, '__name__', '<unknown>')
haveWX = fslplatform.haveGui
haveWX = _haveGui()
# Calls the onFinish or onError handler
def callback(cb, *args, **kwargs):
......@@ -727,14 +749,12 @@ def wait(threads, task, *args, **kwargs):
a keyword argument called ``wait_direct``.
from fsl.utils.platform import platform as fslplatform
direct = kwargs.pop('wait_direct', False)
if not isinstance(threads, abc.Sequence):
threads = [threads]
haveWX = fslplatform.haveGui
haveWX = _haveGui()
def joinAll():
log.debug('Wait thread joining on all targets')
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