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BUG: correctly extract radial results from MultEvaluator

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......@@ -409,6 +409,10 @@ class _RadialGPUArrays(object):
self.is_set = set()
def delete(self, component):
if component in self.arrays:
del self.arrays[component]
def __contains__(self, item):
return item in self.arrays
......@@ -670,9 +674,9 @@ __global__ void matrix_mult_nd_invert({dtype} *derparam, {dtype} *derfield, int
def clean_results(self, ):
def update_pos(self, new_positions):
def update_pos(self, new_request):
RadialGPUArrays.set(self.request, RadialGPUArrays.get(self.request)[:new_request.npos])
idx = self.req_params_cuda_names.index('all_pos')
self.global_cuda_params[self.request][idx][:new_positions.size] = new_positions.astype(cuda.dtype).flatten()
self.request.positions[:new_positions.shape[0]] = new_positions
self.global_cuda_params[self.request][idx][:new_request.positions.size] = new_request.positions.astype(cuda.dtype).flatten()
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