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......@@ -28,4 +28,8 @@ Resources for creating the our community documentation hackathons have been crea
`Remi Gau, Liza Levitis, Dorien Huijser, Camille Maumet, Steffen Bollmann, Anibal Sólon, … Kanishk Kalra. (2020, August 25). ohbm/hackathon2020: post-hackathon-20200825 (Version v0.0.1). Zenodo.`
The Git and GitLab tutorials have been recreated from material developed for the Open Life Sciences (OLS-2) cohort training session on using GitHub for collaborative documentation. 🙏
`Cassandra Gould van Praag. (2020). cassgvp/git-for-collaborative-documentation: OxBe 2020 (v1.0.1). Zenodo.`
Figures have been created from images in the [Noun Project]( repository, contributed by [Alice Design](, [Andrejs Kirma](, [DinosoftLab](, [Luis Prado](, [Sergey Demushkin](, [Thuy Nguyen](, [vectlab](, and [Victor Llavata Bartual]( 🙏
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