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# WIN data sharing decision tree
This is the GitLab repository for the development (and possibly deployment) of the WIN data sharing decision tree - A guide for researchers to follow in designing their study with a view to sharing their data on the WIN XNAT Open Data server
## Welcome!
These documents will guide you through the process of designing your study and preparing your data for sharing on the WIN XNAT Open Data server.
## What are we doing?
The Open WIN Steering Committee have been working to delineate the stages a researcher should (and in some cases *must*) go through in order to share their data in accordance with University of Oxford Best Practice and GDPR.
We are now opening this work up to the community to provide feedback on bottlenecks, missing guidance and further refinements. This will be started by inviting a small number of researchers (with a range of data types) to [add and comment on issues]( and update the diagram where appropriate.
### The problem
*"Shared data should as open as possible and as closed as necessary"*.
Working out how to appropriately share data requires the navigation through various lines of guidance and legislation, notably GDPR. This is a complex process which is discipline and institutionally specific.
### The solution
We are developing a flow chart which researchers can walk through to address the question **"Can I share my data on XNAT"**.
**Working through this flow chart will aid researchers in designing their projects and conducting the necessary stages of data preparation in order to share their data without compromising our ethical and legal obligations to our participants and research funders.**
## Who are we
This project is being lead by the [Open WIN Steering Group](
Contributions to the development of this resource will be solicited from the [Open WIN Community](
The XNAT Open Data Server is being developed by the [Open Data Team](
## What do we need
We need researchers to walk through these documents with their existing or hypothetical research projects. Help us to identify gaps, issues and solutions!
## Contact us
The easiest way to get in touch is via our [GitLab issues]( Leave a comment or feedback and we'll be in touch!
You are also welcome to email the Open WIN Community Engagement Coordinator at [](, to discuss this project, make suggestions, or just say "Hi"!
## Thank you!
Thank you for taking the time to look at these documents. We are excited to build this essential tool to help you deliver on your ambitions to share your data with the world.
# Acknowledgements
Created using materials from: Das et al, 2019, \"MCIN Open Science
Guidance: Data Preparation Checklist\"
Inspired by Huijser, Dorien, Achterberg, Michelle, Wierenga, Lara, Van
\'t Veer, Anna, Klapwijk, Eduard, Van Erkel, Raymond, & Hettne,
Kristina. (2020, June 19). MRI data sharing guide. Zenodo.
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