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# Open Data Process Diagram - Appendices
<!-- [Process 1 - Ethics, consent and data management](./
......@@ -163,15 +162,11 @@ A DOI is essential to ensure that the data shared can be effectively attributed
principles]( Oxford Research Online (ORA) is the University's preference for
generating a DOI.
The ORA entry will link to an XNAT URL for the project (and/or appropriate freeze). Major updates to XNAT (likely over the medium to long term) will potentially lead to changes in URL, thus we cannot guarantee they are persistent, as required for a DOI.
Routes considered to address URL persistence:
1. We create and manage URL redirects if/when changes to XNAT (or the entire server becomes redundant)
2. ORA amend DOI entries when they are informed of a change or if they are running periodic checks.
To create a DOI for your data go to [Deposit Data in ORA]( and "Add a New Work". Fill in as many fileds as you feel will be sufficient to identify your data. Please ensure the below are included to:
- In the field "bibliographic detail" > "Digital Storage location": Enter the URL of your project on XNAT.
- In the field "contributors", add a new contrbutor of the type "data steward" and enter the email address
[Research Data]( agree that ORA will be motivated to carry some of the burden, with their focus on effective curation. Opened discussions with ORA on 10th June 2021.
Major updates to XNAT (likely over the medium to long term) will potentially lead to changes in URL. If/when this occurs, we will work with ORA to update the "Digital Storage Location" of your record to reflect the new URL. This is only possible if the XNAT admin email address is provided as a collaborator.
<a name="dua"></a>
## Appendix 9 - Data usage agreement (DUA)
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