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......@@ -28,14 +28,32 @@ principles](
<a name="deidentify"></a>
## Process 3
*to-do: explanatory text here*
See also [Appendix 1](./, [Appendix 2](./, [Appendix 3](./, [Appendix 4](./, [Appendix 5](./
<a name="metadata"></a>
## Process 4
*to-do: explanatory text here*
See also Appendix 1
<a name="sharing-attribution"></a>
## Process 5
*to-do: explanatory text here*
See also [Appendix 6](./, [Appendix 7](./, [Appendix 8](./, [Appendix 9](./
# References
[DPIA screening and DPIA/DPA templates]
Jones and Ford, 2018. "Privacy, confidentiality and practicalities in data linkage. National Statistical Quality Review". [](
Harron et al, 2017. "Challenges in administrative data linkage for research". Big Data & Society. December 2017. [doi:10.1177/2053951717745678](
[Open Brain Consent GDPR Edition](
[CUREC Best Practice Guidance (BPG) 09 "Data collection, protection and management".](
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