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This consultation will start by inviting a small number of researchers (with a range of data types) to comment on the proposed guidance. Notes from these consultation meetings are shared below.
- [Meeting 1: Process 1-3](./docs/
- [Meeting 2: Process 4-5](./docs/
- [Meeting 3: General Questions](./docs/
- [Meeting 1: Process 1-3](./docs/
- [Meeting 2: Process 4-5](./docs/
**You can track our progress in this project in our [issues task list]( and [milestones](**
# Open WIN Community feedback on data sharing processes 4-5
**Important information**
**Where**: Teams
**When**: TBC
**Contact**: Email Cass:
or message on Open WIN Slack #data-sharing-decision-tree
**Material we will be reviewing**:
- [Decision tree](
- [Appendices](
## Agenda
1. Introductions
2. Participation guidelines
3. Using this document
1. Add your name if you'd like to be listed as a contributor
2. "+1" where you agree
3. All write everywhere! Individual comments can be anonymous.
4. Feedback on each step
5. Feedback on the day
## Participants
(Name / Pronouns / Department / GitLab user ID - or "none"
1. Cassandra Gould van Praag / she/her / Psychiatry / [@cassag](
## Participation Guidelines
- We value the participation of every member of our community and want to ensure that every contributor has an enjoyable and fulfilling experience. Please show respect and courtesy to other community members at all times.
- We are dedicated to a harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, age, religion, politics or technology choices. We do not tolerate harassment by and/or of members of our community in any form.
- We fall under the formal policy and reporting guidelines of the [University Bullying and Harassment Policy]( and we expect everyone to be a [responsible bystander](
## How do you feel about data sharing? How does your PI feel about data sharing?
**Imagine you are a WIN researcher asking "*Can I share my data?*", or "*How can I share my data?*"**
The "decision tree" document and appendices should guide you through the necessary stages to prepare your data for sharing.
**This is not a trivial process, but the purpose of this guide is to help you, not scare you!**
Today we are not writing a "user guide", simply determining whether the plans we have developed will work for you, if we have missed anything, or if there is anything we need to do to support you further.
**You are the ones who will be sharing and receiving credit for your data, so we want to make it easy for you!**
## General questions for the materials
### How (in what format(s)) would you like to engage with this material?
- Do you expect to go through the whole guide in one sitting?
- Would you like to take notes against it "online"?
- Should it be hierarchical (see only the top most level then deeper) or would you like to see all at once?
- Would you like a glossary or FAQ (list below any terms which might be unfamiliar to the average researcher)?
### What would make you want to engage or run away from this material?!
- comment here
### Data governance vs. data sharing
- Is it clear that the burden of data governance exists irrespective of sharing plans? You do not have to additionally formulate governance plans if you choose to share your data, just include sharing specific descriptions. Would you like "governance anyway" steps to be identified separately?
### Existing sharing platforms
- Do you use any other data sharing sites (especially for sources other than human MRI)?
### Using XNAT
- How would you work with XNAT alongside your data collection and processing (jalapeno) workflows?
## Feedback on the meeting
- Please take a few minutes to tell us how this day went for you! Your feedback is invaluable to making this community and these events work.
- You are also welcome to email feedback to [](
#### What worked?
- comment here
#### What didn't work?
- comment here
#### What would you change?
- comment here
#### What surprised you?
- comment here
## Post-meeting summary
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