Commit ee8276f3 authored by Sam Harrison's avatar Sam Harrison
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Run PROFUMO with `--globalInit`

The aim of this argument is to initialise with a better split between PFMs /
global noise. Interest is whether it is problematic when no global noise
parent 0e27f1ce
......@@ -19,5 +19,5 @@ PROFUMO \
${dim} \
"${output_dir}" \
--useHRF ${TR} --hrfFile ~samh/PROFUMO/HRFs/Default.phrf \
--covModel Run --lowRankData 150 -d 0.5 --nThreads 10 \
--covModel Run --lowRankData 150 -d 0.5 --globalInit --nThreads 10 \
> "${output_dir}/TerminalOutput.txt"
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