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......@@ -19,10 +19,7 @@ Data are organised as follow:
figures |--> recipes (figures created with the scripts provided)
|--> templates (scene file to make figure 3)
|--> tractography (scene file to make figure 5-8B)
species |--> standard |--> t2_template, dti_iter_5b (both outputs of the template pipeline), mask for these images, dti_FA and dyads (average FA and principal direction in template space)
|--> surface |--> midthickness and pial surface, normal and downsample for both hemisphere, medial wall mask (named midline), and visual, motor, frontal and granular masks
|--> tractography |--> average tracts across subjects and surface average
|--> protocols (tractography recipes, ilf and mdlf 'test' are for the control analysis)
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