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import glymur
import PIL
from PIL import Image
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
fname = "/Users/saad/Desktop/FromJulia/mn96FS_c10_s4.jp2"
fname = "/Users/saad/grot/mn38c23LY_Neu13_10d_L.tif"
jp2 = glymur.Jp2k(fname)
step = 2**3
thumbnail = jp2[::step,::step]
# Convert previous Matlab database to new format
import as sio
db = sio.loadmat("/Users/saad/data/Haber_CellCounting/celldb.mat",struct_as_record=False, squeeze_me=True)
images = db['celldb']
labels = -db['celldb'].images.label + 2
import numpy as np
images = data.transpose(3,0,1,2)
shape = images.shape[1:]
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