Commit 38789e94 authored by Michiel Cottaar's avatar Michiel Cottaar
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ENH: add warning message if gets called more than 2 time

parent e01f95f8
......@@ -299,6 +299,12 @@ def info(job_ids) -> Dict[str, Optional[Dict[str, str]]]:
:return: dictionary of jobid -> another dictionary with job information
(or None if job does not exist)
if not hasattr(info, '_ncall'):
info._ncall = 0
info._ncall += 1
if info._ncall == 3:
warnings.warn("Please do not call `` repeatably, because it slows down the cluster. You can avoid this message by simply passing all the job IDs you are interested in to a single `` call.")
from import run
job_ids_string = _flatten_job_ids(job_ids)
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