Commit 9d66bea9 authored by Martin Craig's avatar Martin Craig Committed by Paul McCarthy
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Make error message more accurate in terms of what's actually gone wrong

The problem here is not that it can't find the folder but that FSLDIR
suggests a WSL installation but does not match the format required to
identify the distro folder.
parent 3a874cf2
......@@ -453,10 +453,10 @@ class Platform(notifier.Notifier):
distro = None
if distro is None:
raise RuntimeError("No WSL installations found at \\wsl$\ - a valid WSL 2.0 installation is required")
return "\\\\wsl$\\" + distro + wslpath.replace("/", "\\")
if not distro:
raise RuntimeError("Could not identify WSL installation from FSLDIR (%s)" % self.fsldir)
return "\\\\wsl$\\" + distro + wslpath.replace("/", "\\")
platform = Platform()
"""An instance of the :class:`Platform` class. Feel free to create your own
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