Commit 2706bbe5 authored by Sean Fitzgibbon's avatar Sean Fitzgibbon
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removed test

parent 7349cde7
......@@ -95,12 +95,6 @@ def register_chart_to_slide(
hull = ConvexHull(edge_crds_cat)
edge_crds_cat = np.concatenate([edge_crds_cat[simplex,:] for simplex in hull.simplices], axis=0)
# this tests for any point neighbours that are identical and discards them
# it stops there being nans later when calculating the norms
# there must be a better way to fix this, but this works for now
zeroidx = np.all(np.roll(edge_crds_cat, 1, axis=0) - np.roll(edge_crds_cat, -1, axis=0) == 0, axis=1)
edge_crds_cat = edge_crds_cat[~zeroidx]
# load slide, convert to grayscale, and invert if light-field
slide_res = slide_res * (2 ** rlevel)
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