Commit 1846b1bd authored by Vaanathi Sundaresan's avatar Vaanathi Sundaresan
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Changes in voronoi tesselation in LOCATE_LOO_testing.m

parent 252f19a2
......@@ -130,17 +130,24 @@ for subj = 1:numel(xdir)
inv_factor = 1./factor;
% Up/downsampling the images
lesionmask = imresizen(lesionmask,factor);
lesionmask_resized = imresizen(lesionmask,factor);
biancamask = imresizen(single(biancamask),factor);
brainmask = imresizen(single(brainmask),factor);
biancamask = (biancamask>0) & (brainmask>0);
% Performing Voronoi tessellation on resampled images
[lesionmask, index_mask, index_numbers] = LOCATE_Voronoi_tessellation(lesionmask, biancamask, inv_factor);
[~, index_mask, index_numbers] = LOCATE_Voronoi_tessellation_resized(lesionmask_resized, biancamask, inv_factor);
if verbose
fprintf('Voronoi Tessellation done! \n')
index_mask = imresizen(index_mask,inv_factor,'nearest');
if verbose
fprintf('Resizing of Index mask done! \n')
index_numbers = setdiff(union(index_mask(:),[]),0);
% Extractng features from Voronoi regions individually
[flairintfeats, ventdistfeats, lesvolfeats, minbestthr_values, maxbestthr_values, meanbestthr_values, index_numbers, index_mask] ...
= LOCATE_feature_extraction(lesionmask, ventdistmap, flairimage, manualmask, index_mask, index_numbers);
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