Commit 70852e86 authored by Vaanathi Sundaresan's avatar Vaanathi Sundaresan
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Pre-existing feature loading bugs fixed in LOCATE_training.m

parent a5efc8b7
......@@ -143,6 +143,15 @@ for subj = 1:numel(xdir)
fprintf('LOCATE features extracted! \n')
flairintfeats = single(flairintfeats);
ventdistfeats = single(ventdistfeats);
lesvolfeats = single(lesvolfeats);
minbestthr_values = single(minbestthr_values);
maxbestthr_values = single(maxbestthr_values);
meanbestthr_values = single(meanbestthr_values);
index_numbers = single(index_numbers);
index_mask = single(index_mask);
% Storing the features in a cell array
imgfeatmats{subj} = flairintfeats;
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