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function LOCATE_feature_extraction_per_subject(feature_select, num_of_modalities, features_path, subject_name, varargin)
% Function for extracting features for LOCATE
% Copyright - FMRIB, WIN, University of Oxford
% Vaanathi Sundaresan - 25/05/2018
% Mandatory inputs:
% feature_select (binary integer array) - vector with elements indicating if the feature has to be included or not. Current order is distance from ventricles, lesion volume and other modalities in alphabetical naming order
% (e.g. If FLAIR is the only modality provided and distance from ventricles is not needed then feature_select = [0, 1, 1])
% num_of_modalities (integer) - number of input modalities used (e.g.
% num_of_modalities = 1, if only FLAIR is used, num_of_modalities = 2 if
% FLAIR and T1 are used)
% features_path (string) - path to the directory where features need to be stored
% subject_name (string) - To save the LOCATE features file
% Example funtional calls:
% 1. LOCATE_testing(feature_select, num_of_modalities, path_to_file1, ..., path_to_fileN );
% path_to_files - starting from the paths to modalities, LPM from BIANCA,
% biancamask, brainmask, ventricle distancemap (if the first value of
% feature_select is 1)
if ~exist(features_path)
if feature_select(1) == 0
if nargin < (2+num_of_modalities+3)
error('Number of input paths provided is lesser than those required. Please check the input filepaths provided');
if nargin < (2+num_of_modalities+4)
error('Number of input paths provided is lesser than those required. Please check the input filepaths provided');
flairimage = cell(num_of_modalities,1);
c = 1;
for subj_feat_no = 1:num_of_modalities
flairimage{subj_feat_no} = read_avw(varargin{c});
c = c+1;
lesionmask = read_avw(varargin{num_of_modalities+1});
biancamask = read_avw(varargin{num_of_modalities+2});
brainmask = read_avw(varargin{num_of_modalities+3});
if feature_select(1) == 0
ventdistmap = read_avw(varargin{num_of_modalities+4});
ventdistmap = zeros(size(lesionmask));
ventdistmap = read_avw(varargin{num_of_modalities+4});
fprintf('All specified feature image modalities loaded \n');
% Getting image dimensions and determining up/downsampling factor
dim = size(lesionmask);
factor = 150./dim;%floor(max(dim)./dim);
inv_factor = 1./factor;
% Up/downsampling the images
lesionmask_resized = imresizen(lesionmask,factor);
biancamask = imresizen(single(biancamask),factor);
brainmask = imresizen(single(brainmask),factor);
biancamask = (biancamask>0) & (brainmask>0);
% Performing Voronoi tessellation on resampled images
[~, index_mask, index_numbers] = LOCATE_Voronoi_tessellation_resized(lesionmask_resized, biancamask, inv_factor);
fprintf('Voronoi Tessellation done! \n')
index_mask = imresizen(index_mask,inv_factor,'nearest');
index_numbers = setdiff(union(index_mask(:),[]),0);
% Extractng features from Voronoi regions individually
[flairintfeats, ventdistfeats, lesvolfeats, index_numbers, index_mask] ...
= LOCATE_test_feature_extraction(lesionmask, ventdistmap, flairimage, index_mask, index_numbers);
fprintf('LOCATE features extracted! \n')
flairintfeats = single(flairintfeats);
ventdistfeats = single(ventdistfeats);
lesvolfeats = single(lesvolfeats);
%minbestthr_values = single(minbestthr_values);
%maxbestthr_values = single(maxbestthr_values);
%meanbestthr_values = single(meanbestthr_values);
index_numbers = single(index_numbers);
index_mask = single(index_mask);
% Saving the features as an intermediate results .mat file
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