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Add defaults to dynamic initilisation.

parent 21b3ea53
......@@ -120,8 +120,22 @@ class dynMRS(object):
g = max(metab_groups) + 1
return (freq, time, basis, base_poly, metab_groups, g, first, last)
def initialise(self, model, metab_groups, ppmlim, baseline_order, verbose=False):
"""initialise fitting"""
def initialise(self, model='voigt', metab_groups=None, ppmlim=(.2, 4.2), baseline_order=2, verbose=False):
"""Initialise the dynamic fitting using seperate fits of each spectrum.
:param model: Spectral model 'lorentzian' or 'voigt', defaults to 'voigt'
:type model: str, optional
:param metab_groups: List of metabolite groupings, defaults to None
:type metab_groups: List of ints, optional
:param ppmlim: Ppm range over which to fit, defaults to (.2, 4.2)
:type ppmlim: tuple, optional
:param baseline_order: Polynomial baseline order, defaults to 2, -1 disables.
:type baseline_order: int, optional
:param verbose: Print information during fitting, defaults to False
:type verbose: bool, optional
:return: Dict containing free parameters and individual FitRes objects
:rtype: dict
if verbose:
start_time = time.time()
FitArgs = {'model': model,
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