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Update fit_FSLModel defaults to match command line defaults.

parent f36b6c2f
......@@ -9,6 +9,7 @@ This document contains the FSL-MRS release history in reverse chronological orde
- Add NIfTI-MRS reshape command
- Add basis_tools remove_peak option to run HLSVD, typical usage for removing TMS peak.
- Added an add_water_peak method to MRS class.
- Updated fit_FSLModel defaults to match fsl_mrs command line defaults.
1.1.3 (Tuesday 29th June 2021)
......@@ -157,7 +157,7 @@ def test_basis_manipulations(synth_data):
assert mrs.basis.shape == (2048, 6)
assert mrs.numBasis == 6
mrs.ignore = []
# This suprising result is because mrs.keep is still populated.
assert mrs.basis.shape == (2048, 1)
......@@ -232,8 +232,8 @@ def get_fitting_mask(num_basis, num_metab_groups, baseline_order, model,
def fit_FSLModel(mrs,
ppmlim=(.2, 4.2),
......@@ -241,8 +241,35 @@ def fit_FSLModel(mrs,
A simplified version of LCModel
"""Run linear combination fitting on the passed mrs object.
Can run either with a truncated Newton (method='Newton') or Metropolis Hastings (method='MH') optimiser.
:param mrs: MRS object containing the data, the basis set and optionally the water reference
:type mrs: fsl_mrs.core.MRS
:param method: 'Newton' or 'MH', defaults to 'Newton'
:type method: str, optional
:param ppmlim: Ppm range over which to fit, defaults to (.2, 4.2)
:type ppmlim: tuple, optional
:param baseline_order: Polynomial baseline order, defaults to 2, -1 disables.
:type baseline_order: int, optional
:param metab_groups: List of metabolite groupings, defaults to None
:type metab_groups: List, optional
:param model: 'lorentzian' or 'voigt', defaults to 'voigt'
:type model: str, optional
:param x0: Initilisation values, defaults to None
:type x0: [List, optional
:param MHSamples: Number of MH samples to run, defaults to 500
:type MHSamples: int, optional
:param disable_mh_priors: If True all priors are disabled for MH fitting, defaults to False
:type disable_mh_priors: bool, optional
:param fit_baseline_mh: If true baseline parameters are also fit using MH, defaults to False
:type fit_baseline_mh: bool, optional
:param vb_iter: Not currently in use, sets Variational Bayes iterations, defaults to 50
:type vb_iter: int, optional
:return: Fit results object
:rtype: fsl_mrs.utils.FitRes
err_func, grad_func, forward, x2p, p2x = models.getModelFunctions(model)
if model.lower() == 'lorentzian':
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