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This document contains the FSL-MRS release history in reverse chronological order.
2.0.0 (WIP)
2.0.0 (Wednesday 6th July 2022)
**Major rework of basis and fitting script interaction. First release of dynamic MRS fitting.**
*Static fitting*
......@@ -24,22 +24,22 @@ This document contains the FSL-MRS release history in reverse chronological orde
- Refactored imports to improve CLI startup times
- Conversion of LCModel raw formatted basis sets using basis_tools convert.
1.1.14 (Wednesday 29th June)
1.1.14 (Wednesday 29th June 2022)
- Fixed variability in HLSVD by moving to Scipy dense svd.
- Fix for -ve ISHIFT in LCModel basis read. Also throws helpful error for encrypted basis.
- Fixed incorrect plotting of svs voxel orientation in fitting report.
- Fix issue in results_to_spectrum for disabled baseline.
1.1.13 (Wednesday 1st June)
1.1.13 (Wednesday 1st June 2022)
- Updated setup script to allow command line scripts to run on MS Windows.
- Any FSL cmd-line scripts used operate through fslpy wrappers (including WSL interface).
- Updated install instructions for Windows.
- Added the fsl_mrs_verify script which can be run to verify correct function of FSL-MRS.
1.1.12 (Wednesday 20th April)
1.1.12 (Wednesday 20th April 2022)
- Update to fslpy version (to 3.9.0) to substantially speed up MRSI preprocessing.
- Fixes to NIFTI_MRS class for compatibility with new fslpy version.
- Previous versions of FSL-MRS will not be compatible with fslpy >= 3.9.0
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