Commit 50f5e3e6 authored by William Clarke's avatar William Clarke
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Fix rounding bug in ts_to_ts.

parent a661c177
......@@ -202,6 +202,9 @@ def ts_to_ts(old_ts, old_dt, new_dt, new_n):
old_n = old_ts.shape[0]
old_t = np.linspace(old_dt, old_dt * old_n, old_n) - old_dt
new_t = np.linspace(new_dt, new_dt * new_n, new_n) - new_dt
# Round to nanoseconds
old_t = np.round(old_t, 9)
new_t = np.round(new_t, 9)
if new_t[-1] > old_t[-1]:
raise InsufficentTimeCoverageError('Input data covers less time than is requested by interpolation.'
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