Commit 9e3c1e0f authored by William Clarke's avatar William Clarke
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Match Newton dynamic formatting results to MH.

parent 38169b11
......@@ -118,6 +118,11 @@ class dynRes:
"""Mapped names from stored dynamic object"""
return self._dyn.mapped_names
def free_names(self):
"""Free names from stored dynamic object"""
return self._dyn.free_names
def collected_results(self, to_file=None):
"""Collect the results of dynamic MRS fitting
......@@ -356,12 +361,12 @@ class dynRes_newton(dynRes):
def cov(self):
return self._cov
return pd.DataFrame(self._cov, self.free_names, self.free_names)
def corr(self):
return self._corr
return pd.DataFrame(self._corr, self.free_names, self.free_names)
def std(self):
return self._std
return pd.Series(self._std, self.free_names)
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