Commit d7c9fa73 authored by William Clarke's avatar William Clarke
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Fix maulled MANIFEST and remove setuptools dependency.

parent 42d25355
include requirements.txtinclude
include requirements.txt
include mapVBVD/
include LICENSE
import numpy as np
from dataclasses import dataclass,field
import mapVBVD as pkg
from mapVBVD.read_twix_hdr import read_twix_hdr
from mapVBVD.twix_map_obj import twix_map_obj
from attrdict import AttrDict,AttrMap,AttrDefault
import pkg_resources # part of setuptools
from attrdict import AttrDict,AttrMap,AttrDefault\
def bitget(number, pos):
return (number >> pos) & 1
......@@ -251,7 +251,7 @@ def evalMDH( mdh_blob, version ):
def mapVBVD(filename,quiet=False):
if not quiet:
print(f'pymapVBVD version {pkg_resources.require("pymapvbvd")[0].version}')
print(f'pymapVBVD version {pkg.__version__}')
fid = open(filename,'rb')
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