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### Weighted average coefficients of all subjects (but the new subject) to do the prediction
## Summary
### 1) What is the set of bases that can better represent task-activation in individuals? - how to find a better set of bases? - more advanced methods may come in...(factorise resting data into modes..)
* for now we focus on the comparison of simple methods, i.e., ICA, PCA, Laplacian eigenmaps (with number of components predetermined)
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* so it is probably biased by group level effects...
##### using residual bases to make prediction also improves prediction accuracy
* How to further improve the performance?
* How to further improve the accuracy? - improve bases and coefficients used in the prediction
* Use linear combination of other subjects' coefficients (e.g. weighted average) to do the prediction - seems improvement is very trivial
* Or learn a new transformation (under some contraints) to apply to the coefficients or bases
* learn the relatedness of different tasks so that shared information could be used (coefficients are low-rank?)
* Apply a prior to the coefficients (or the bases)... and incorporate a Bayesian approach
### 3) Amplitude prediction
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