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### Correlation of predicted amplitude with nIDP on UKB, ~12,000 subjects
* Left panel shows the correlation matrix between the selected four IDP (faces-shape related) and the nIDPs (age wearing glasses); middle panel the correlation matrix between amplitudes of the three task (faces, shape, faces-shapes) and the selected nIDPs (age wearing glasses); right panel the correlation matrix between predicted amplitude of the three tasks and the four nIDPs [figure 7](figs/ukb_idps.png); Neither task amplitudes nor predicted amplitudes shows is correlated with these nIDPs... (but the IDPs and the amplitudes are correlated though).
### Visualisation of actual residual maps and predicted residual maps
* actual residual maps [figure 8](figs/sub1_true_1.png) and predicted residual maps overlaid [figure 9](figs/sub1_reconst_1.png)
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