Commit 35d43508 authored by Paul McCarthy's avatar Paul McCarthy 🚵
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TEST: gl/platform refactors

parent e0c9b724
......@@ -56,9 +56,8 @@ from .compare_images import compare_images
def haveGL21():
from fsl.utils.platform import platform as fslplatform
return float(fslplatform.glVersion) >= 2.1
return float(fslgl.GL_COMPATIBILITY) >= 2.1
return False
......@@ -227,8 +226,7 @@ initialised = [False]
def run_with_fsleyes(func, *args, **kwargs):
"""Create a ``FSLeyesFrame`` and run the given function. """
from fsl.utils.platform import platform as fslplatform
import fsleyes_widgets.utils.status as status
import fsleyes_widgets.utils.status as status
......@@ -314,7 +312,7 @@ def run_with_fsleyes(func, *args, **kwargs):
if not initialised[0]:
# gl already initialised
if fslplatform.glVersion is not None:
if fslgl.GL_VERSION is not None:
wx.CallLater(startingDelay, init)
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