Commit d75dd843 authored by Paul McCarthy's avatar Paul McCarthy 🚵
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RF: Request GL compatibility profile when possible (with new wxpython)

parent ccfabf22
......@@ -182,6 +182,7 @@ import logging
import platform
import fsl.utils.idle as idle
import fsl.version as fslversion
from fsl.utils.platform import platform as fslplatform
import fsleyes_widgets as fwidgets
......@@ -739,13 +740,27 @@ class GLContext(object):
import wx
import wx.glcanvas as wxgl
# Versions of wxwidgets 3.1 and newer (approximately
# corresponding to wxpython 4.1 and newer) allow
# us to select a GL compatibility profile (required,
# because we rely on GL 1.4/2.1).
wxver = fwidgets.wxVersion()
if wxver is not None and \
fslversion.compareVersions(wxver, '4.1.1') >= 0:
attrs = wxgl.GLContextAttrs()
kwargs = {'ctxAttrs' : attrs}
kwargs = {}
log.debug('Creating wx.GLContext')
if other is not None:
self.__context = wxgl.GLContext(target, other=other)
self.__context = wxgl.GLContext(target, other=other, **kwargs)
self.__context = wxgl.GLContext(self.__canvas)
self.__context = wxgl.GLContext(self.__canvas, **kwargs)
# We can't set the context target
# until the dummy canvas is
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