1.0.3 (Friday 10th July 2020)

  • Changed to pure python version of HLSVDPRO (hlsvdpropy). Slight speed penalty but hopefully reduced cross-compilation issues.
  • fsl_mrs_preproc now outputs zipped NIFTI files to match the rest of the command-line scripts.
  • Apodisation option added to alignment in fsl_mrs_proc and fsl_mrs_preproc. Reduces effect of noise. Default value is 10 Hz of exponential apodisation.
  • Fixed phasing subcommand added to fsl_mrs_proc allowing the user to apply a fixed 0th and 1st order phase.
  • mrs_vis now handles folders as an input for MRS data (still handles folders of basis files).
  • Conjugation command added to fsl_mrs_proc.
  • fsl_mrs_preproc automatically conjugates input spectra if required.
  • Typos and small bug fixes.
  • Documentation expanded.