1.1.4 (Tuesday 3rd August 2021)

  • Fixed bug in calculation of molality concentration. Tissue mole fractions had been swapped for tissue volume fractions. Molar concentrations unaffected.
  • Fixed bug in mrs_tools split
  • Fixed bug in alignment of multi-dimensional data.
  • Fixed bug in fsl_mrsi: data without a water reference now works.
  • fsl_mrsi now outputs fitting nuisance parameters: phases, and shifts & linewidths for each metabolite group.
  • Add NIfTI-MRS reshape command
  • Add basis_tools remove_peak option to run HLSVD, typical usage for removing TMS peak.
  • Added an add_water_peak method to MRS class.
  • Updated fit_FSLModel defaults to match fsl_mrs command line defaults.