1.1.9 (Tuesday 30th November 2021)

  • Fixed typos in fsl_mrs_proc help.
  • Fixed simulator bug for edited sequence coherence filters.
  • Modified API of syntheticFromBasis function.
  • Dynamic fitting now handles multiple different basis sets.
  • Fix mapped parameter uncertainties in dynamic MRS results.
  • Dynamic fitting results can now be saved to and loaded from a directory.
  • Added MH sample option to fsl_mrs, matches interactive python interface.
  • Changes to the dynamic fitting results API.
  • Allow tissue fractions with larger errors, but normalise. Error thrown if sum < 0.9.
  • Specialist phase & frequency alignment via dynamic fitting added.
  • Added fsl_mrs_preproc_edit as a script for preprocessing edited data.
  • Updated documentation with new install instructions.
  • Updated interactive fitting documentation