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add new patch for fsl 6.0.4 asl_gui bug

Taylor Hanayik requested to merge asl-gui-604-patch into master


fsl-6.0.4 asl_gui was shipped with a broken fsleyes preview panel. People downloading this version if FSL are not able to use the asl_gui. We need to patch the gui code to fix this error.


update the script

  • detect if the downloaded FSL version is 6.0.4
  • if so, patch $FSLDIR/python/oxford_asl/gui/
  • if any other FSL version do nothing.


  • download and install fsl 6.0.4 with the installer script.
  • after all files have been moved to the correect locations patch the asl bug in the post install routine
Edited by Duncan Mortimer

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