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Fix a few bugs for the voxel-wise design option

Bryan Guillaume requested to merge fixVoxelWiseDesign into master

This MR fixes a few bugs that happened when the voxel-wise design option is used. In brief,

  1. Load the voxel-wise design after loading the data and doing the masking. Before, it was done prior this and could be problematic because the mask was not yet processed.
  2. The WB p-value are now computed within the loop over contrast. Before, they were computed outside, which was not correct.
  3. Fix a bug where some F-scores would not be computed using the appropriate SwE.
  4. Fix a bug where the cluster extent and the cluster mass images would not be saved correctly
  5. Add a missing multiplicative factor in the computation of the number of degrees of freedom in one of the method
  6. Now, save the number of degrees of freedom if requested
  7. Reactivate the voxel-wise design option (though it is still hidden from the help).

This MR was tested by compararing the results of the voxel-wise design option with a covariate replaced by minus itself in approximatively half of the voxels. The results seem consistent with those obtained without using this voxel-wise design option. I could not find any issue left.

Before merging, it seems that the we should show the option again in the help.

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