Compute the WB p-values using a strict inequality with a tolerance (a - tol < b) instead of a "a <= b" inequality

Bryan Guillaume requested to merge addEqualityTolerance into master

This is to be consistent with what the SPM toolbox is doing and is used to circumvent the issue of checking the equality of 2 float values.

I have benchmarked this MR against the SPM version and this removes the small discrepancies that were observed for some WB p-values prior this MR. I have only observed one small discrepancy in a scenario for a voxel and an uncorrected TFCE WB p-value. This can be easily explained by the fact the scale of the TFCE scores is different between FSL and SPM. The latter has already been reported in an issue (#13 (closed)) and I believe we can be happy with this MR. Thus, I am merging straight away.

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