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Improve support for large meshes

Michiel Cottaar requested to merge large-mesh into main


  • Text files can be used to set geometry positions/radii/etc from the command line.
  • New obstruction type: BendyCylinder. This cylinder can follow an arbitrary path (defined using splines) and vary in diameter.
  • 3D plotting for meshes (and BendyCylinder) is now available. Just call plot(mesh) or plot_geometry3d(mesh).


  • Multiple values passed on the mcmr geometry on the command line should now be separated by commas and semi-colons rather than spaces
  • The save_memory option has been removed from meshes, because it did not work properly.


  • Creation of large meshes has been sped up (and no longer leads to StackOverflow errors for very large meshes).
  • Off-resonance fields generated from meshes are now correctly modelled using magnetic dipoles rather than magnetic monopoles.
  • Size calculation of meshes has been fixed (used in the calculation of the maximum timestep).
  • Determining the inside of meshes has been fixed.
  • Fixed printing of arrays of Snapshot.
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