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Primary extension for image pairs is now hdr, rather than img. Other little

doc tweaks.
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......@@ -1284,8 +1284,8 @@ EXTENSION_DESCRIPTIONS = ['Compressed NIFTI images',
"""Descriptions for each of the extensions in :data:`ALLOWED_EXTENSIONS`. """
FILE_GROUPS = [('.img', '.hdr'),
('.img.gz', '.hdr.gz')]
FILE_GROUPS = [('.hdr', '.img'),
('.hdr.gz', '.img.gz')]
"""File suffix groups used by :func:`addExt` to resolve file path
ambiguities - see :func:`fsl.utils.path.addExt`.
......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
# Author: Paul McCarthy <>
"""This module contains functions for moving/copying NIFIT image files.
.. autosummary::
......@@ -253,7 +253,7 @@ def getFileGroup(path,
[('.img', '.hdr'),
('.img.gz', '.hdr.gz')]
If you specify``fileGroups=[('.img', '.hdr')]`` and ``prefix='file'``, and
If you specify ``fileGroups=[('.img', '.hdr')]`` and ``prefix='file'``, and
both ``file.img`` and ``file.hdr`` exist, the :func:`addExt` function would
return ``file.img`` (i.e. the file which matches the first extension in
the group).
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